Name and Purposes of Association


Section 2. PURPOSE The Purposes of this Association be

(a) To promote interest in the Republican Party by sponsoring social activities whereby the people of Greene County who are interested in that party can meet together and become acquainted with each other as Republicans.

(b) To provide financial support for the Republican Party on a regular and continuing basis through monthly contributions to the Greene County Republican Central Committee.

(c) To aid the Greene County Republican Central Committee in all of its activities by providing a ready reference of people who are willing to work in the Republican Party.

Section 3. Prohibited Activities

Neither this Association, nor any funds raised thereby, shall be used for the purpose of supporting or opposing any candidate in a primary election; nor shall any officer of the Association use his position as such to aid
or to oppose any such candidate.



Section 1. Active Members

Any resident of Greene County, regardless of age, sex, race, or religion, may be admitted to active membership in this Association by the Board of Directors upon written application thereof, and upon the pledge and payment
of $2.00 per month (passed October 5, 1999) or more to the Greene County Republican Central Committee for the support of the activities of the Republican Party.

Section 2. Associate Members

Any person not a resident of Greene County who desires to pledge at least $2.00 per month or more to the Greene County Republican Central Committee may be an associate member of this Association.

Section 3. Honorary Members

Any person who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, has rendered distinguished services to the cause of better government shall be eligible to honorary membership. Recommendations for such honorary membership may be
made to the Board of Directors by any active member. Honorary members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Association, except that they shall not be eligible to hold office in the Association and they shall not
be accorded the privilege of voting.


Due and Finances

Section 1. Dues

There shall be no dues other than the payment to the Greene County Republican Central committee of at least $ 2.00 per months, as hereinabove provided for in Article II; provided, however, that the Board of Directors may,
at its discretion, require an admission charge to any program or event sponsored by the Association in order to defray the costs thereof.

Section 2. Finances

The Association shall have no treasury and no independent funds. All monies necessary to be expended for the activities of this Association shall be dispersed directly from the funds of the Greene County Republican Central
Committee upon the approval of that committee and in such manner and to such extent as that Committee shall from time to time direct.


Officers, Directors and Elections

Section 1. Officers

The officers of this Association shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The President, Vice President and Secretary shall be elected by the members of this Association, as hereinafter provided.
The Treasurer of the Greene County Republican Central Committee shall serve as the Treasurer of this Association.

Section 2. Board of Directors

There shall be a Board of Directors, consisting of the President, The Vice President, Secretary and the immediate past President of this Association, the Chairman and the Treasurer of the Greene County Republican Central
Committee, and two other Directors from each Legislative District elected by the members of this Association, as hereinafter provided and four at-large Directors to be appointed by the newly elected President and approved
by the newly elected Board of Directors.

Section 3. Nominations, Elections and Terms of Office

(a) The President, Vice President and the Directors elected by the members of this Association shall be elected for a term of two years, beginning on January 1 of each odd- numbered year, and until their successors are elected
and qualify; provided, however, that the Offices and Directors initially elected shall serve one-year terms beginning on January 1, 1966.

(b) Except as otherwise hereinafter provided, nominations for the elected Officers and Directors shall be made by a nominating committee composed of five (5) active members appointed by the President with the consent of the
Board of Directors.

(c) Elections shall be by secret written ballot mailed to all members of this Association, and similarly returned by them at such time and in such manner as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors; provided, however,
that all such ballots shall be mailed to the members not earlier than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the current terms of office as herein above provided for in subparagraph “(a)”of this section; and said ballots
shall be voted no later than thirty (30) days prior to such expiration of the then current terms of office or at such other time as may be designated by the Board of Directors. Votes may be cast for any member of the Association
for President, Vice President or director, regardless of whether such person has been nominated for that office by the Nominating Committee. The person receiving the greatest number of votes for President, Vice President
and director from each Legislative District, shall be deemed elected to those respective offices; provided, however, that any dispute affecting any election shall be conclusively resolved by a majority vote of the Board
of Directors.

(d) In the event the boundaries of any one or more of the Legislative Districts hereafter are changed, the Board of Directors shall appoint one additional Director from each Legislative District which is not then represented
by a Director on the Board who lives in such district; and said additional Directors shall serve until the next regular election of Directors.

Section 4. Duties of Officers

(a) President:

It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors of the Association. He with the consent of the Board, shall appoint all committees and shall perform such other
duties unusually performed by the president of an organization. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees of the Association.

(b) Vice President:

It shall be the duty of the Vice President to exercise the functions and perform the duties of the President in the event of his absence or inability to act.

(c) Secretary:

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the minutes of the Association and of the Board of Directors and to perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may direct.

(d) Treasurer:

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to keep an account of all financial transactions of this Association and to perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may direct.

(e) Board of Directors:

(1) It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to exercise general control and supervision over the affairs of the Association. The Board of Directors shall meet at such time and place as may be designated by the President
or by any three (3) members thereof after no less than two

(2) weeks notice to each member of the Board; provided, however, that the President, with the prior consent of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Board of Directors, may call a meeting of the Board upon twenty-four
(24) hours notice to all Directors. A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum thereof.

Section 5. Committees

The President, with the consent of the Board of Directors, shall appoint such committees as he may deem necessary or desirable for the proper transaction of the business of the Association. A majority of any committee shall
constitute a quorum thereof and any question may be decided by majority of those in attendance.

Section 6. Vacancies

Vacancies occurring in the office of Vice President or director or in any committee for any cause shall be filled for the unexpired term by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors. Any vacancy in the office
of President shall be filled by the majority of the Board of Directors.

Section 7. Organization Committee; Temporary Officers and Directors

(a) In order to perfect the organization and initial membership drive of this Association, the Chairman of the Greene County Republican Central Committee shall appoint an Organization Committee consisting of five persons,
which Committee shall, with the consent of the Greene County Republican Central Committee, select temporary President, temporary Vice President and a temporary director from each Legislative District to serve until the
first election of Officers and Directors.

(b) Pending such selection of temporary Officers and Directors, the Organization Committee shall be charged with the full management of the Association and shall do all things reasonably necessary to effect its organization
and initial programs.



Section 1. Time and Places of Meetings.

This Association shall meet not less than four (4) times each year beginning in 1966, and at such other times as the Board of Directors shall specify; and the Board of Directors also shall determine the time, place and nature
of each such meeting.

Section 2. Procedure at Meetings

Procedures followed at all meetings, including Directors’ meetings, shall be in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order when not inconsistent with the constitution or rules of the Association.



This Constitution may be amended only by the Greene County Republican Central Committee upon a majority vote of those voting; provided however, that no such amendment shall be voted upon until seven (7) days after the proposed
amendment (or amendments) shall have been submitted in writing to all members of said Central Committee, together with notice as to the time and place of the meeting where such amendment (or amendments) shall be considered.